Friday, September 4, 2009

Woman TWO - A Socialite

I love this photo of Helen, taken during our cast photo shoot.
Yes, I know, her eyes are closed, but I love the expression.

When it comes to Socialites, I'd have to say that Helen definitely falls into this category, but not in the stereotypical sense of the title, you know, some rich, self-absorbed, snooty person who only befriends those who can help them somehow. In real life though, I'd say Helen falls into the definition:

a socially prominent person.

But for this production, she does play the stereotypical one for a bit, but does so in a way that showcases her amazing vocal talents honed not only at Lisa Joe's piano every Saturday, but in the Ohjah room in L.T. (She'll hate me for mentioning that, but hey, if you know her, you'll understand). I'd have to say that she definitely sings more than I do, which completely makes her such a strong component of this cast.

What's most "cool" about Helen's parts is that she gets to play a huge range of characters! All memorable, and a joy to watch. Trust me. You've got to see why she's this type of socialite, and what she does as that character. (Come on, at this point with reading this blog, do you honestly think I'm going to spill the beans and tell you what she's going to do?! LOL!!!!)

The other part of this introduction is to also point out that Helen is co-producing "Songs" with me. Let me tell you, without her, I'd be lost! Believe me! She has the organization skills of a Martha Stewart and the diplomacy of a politician looking for the release of captives! (Okay, kinda going overboard with that analogy, but hey, it kinda works). I am so thankful for all the work that she is doing, juggling both the singing/acting with the producing responsibilities. What a god send! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

So come out and check out our show! Especially for those of you who haven't seen Helen act like a socialite before!

Here's to Woman TWO!



  1. Palma gives me much too much credit! There's no way I could do this without him. He's the main reason this production is actually happening! I love him! :)

  2. I love the picture! And the blog. Mike, you should write more. And will you two stop with the lovefest and get married already?