Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Man ONE, Randy G., belting out a high note. Kinda.

For those of you unfamiliar with "Songs", the cast is comprised of four actors who play different roles throughout the show. Because of this, each actor is listed as "Man 1" or "Woman 2" throughout the libretto and piano/vocal score. Each song has a "character" than can be created by the director/actor for each individual production of songs. Follow me? This way, you'll never really see the same exact version of "Songs" twice, because each production will have a different take on each of the songs and the characters portrayed within them.

With this said, we'd like to introduce to you our "Man ONE", Randy. Randy will be singing all the tenor parts in the show because he has an amazing voice! For those of you who may recognize him, he is part of the Three Filipino Tenors that have been performing throughout the years at various venues, including East West Players, and JANM as well. A vocal major in college, Randy will thrill and delight you with his smooth, lyrical style, GUARANTEED to make you swoon (Okay, maybe not guaranteed, but you'll definitely like him :) - Wow, I sound like I'm auctioning him off! Nope, sorry! In order to witness his vocal prowess, you'll have to come out and watch our show :)

Oh, and the reason why he's listed as a "wannabe basketball" player in an earlier post here is because... well, come out and watch the show, and you'll find out! ;p

As with the rest of our production staff and cast, we are thrilled to have Randy as a part of this show! We can't wait for everyone to see and hear him!

Give it up for Man one!


  1. So...let me see if I understand this. If I dribble the ball with both hands at the same time, that's not ok, right?

  2. Ummm...right! And don't even think about running up & down the court without dribbling the ball! ;)