Thursday, September 3, 2009

Woman ONE - MCO

The first time I ever saw Myra was in an old East West Players production called "Woman from the other side of the world" back in the old Santa Monica space. I wasn't into acting yet at the time, but I distinctly remember seeing her performance and thinking to myself, "Wow, that's how good an actor I would like to be someday!". Although she was an understudy in the show, her performance was terrific and inspiring! And if she's reading this, I'm certain her head is swelling larger than it usually is! ;p

Since then, I've had the pleasure of working with her on several different projects, from my first movie ever "Much Adobo About Nothing", "A Jivebomber's X-mas", to "Imelda: A New Musical". But since our early days of acting, I've always known Myra had the "chops" to make any performance great, and have always looked forward working with her. Plus, ever since "Jivebomber's", where we played brother and sister, our relationship has stayed on that same exact track. We constantly act like brother and sister, with me ALWAYS getting the best of her! Ha!

We are so happy to have Myra as part of our production, playing the role(s) of Woman ONE. Just like Randy in the earlier post, Woman one takes care of the soprano parts in the show, which are gymnastic to say the least! She also has some truly memorable songs that are certain to bring tears to everyone eyes. She's dressed in a hospital smock because... oops! Sorry! Again, can't reveal it, you'll just have to come out and WATCH the show :)

That's a'boot all I have to say about Myra, Eh?

(She's from Canada BTW, hence the Candian-isms. Look out for those elk!"


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