Monday, March 12, 2012

Back to ONE!

Hi everyone! Long time no "logging" in!

Ever since our last production, nearly 3 years ago, we've been going about our lives, taking part in other productions and gigs, always with the intention of getting back to producing another extraordinary show. Now, after a few months of getting the pieces together, including the cast, designers, etc., we are excited to introduce to you our latest endeavor -

Ordinary Days
by Adam Gwon

As you may have read at our kickstarter page, this musical is a relatively new one in the world of musicals, only having been first produced back in 2008. The story revolves around four New Yorkers trying to find their "life stories". Written by Adam Gwon, "Ordinary Days" is a production that Helen and I were drawn to the first time we saw it back in 2010. We were so compelled by the music and story that once the last note was sung, we knew that THIS was going to be our next production. And, here we are, two years later, and ready to go!!!

The other reason why we wanted to come back to producing is to once again work with our amazing and talented friends! 2009's "Songs for a New World" was such a labor of love, that we knew we wanted to experience that "magic" again with our "band" of creatives! So we got the "band" back together again. This time through, we've added a few new faces to the mix, all of whom we know will make this yet another FUN experience.

This first installation to this blog for this project is to welcome everyone back, and to thank you for supporting our endeavors. We so appreciate the generosity and kindness of everyone, that we can't say "thank you" enough! So we'll say it again, THANK YOU!

As for the title of this post, the term "back to one" is used on film and TV sets letting everyone know to return to the beginning, to the start of the scene, etc. Since this our latest NEW show, I figured we had to start somewhere, and this post is our "ONE". We just can't wait to share Ordinary Days with everyone and show you where it'll end.

If you're coming across this page for the first time, and are interested in supporting our cause, please don't hesitate to go to our Kickstarter page, to learn more, and perhaps even help us make this production a reality. We'll be updating regularly on the the progress of our show, so please check back often.

Thanks again everyone! On with the show!!!

Mike (& Helen) :)

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