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EXTRA "Ordinary Days"

Happy Tuesday to everyone! First off, we here at Yes, And... Productions would like to thank everyone who have donated to our production so far! Your generosity is so overwhelming, and we'd just like to say how much we appreciate you for being our donors! We can't wait for you to see the production once it opens in May!

With that said, you may be wondering what exactly is the story behind "Ordinary Days"?

The musical "Ordinary Days" is written by relative new comer to the musical theater world, Adam Gwon, who in 2006, was "discovered" in a musical theater master class in New York. After being invited to take part in the prestigious Dramatists Guild Of America's Fellows Program, the instructors knew that they had someone special in their midst. And over the course of the year that followed Adam's enrollment into the program, the show "Ordinary Days" was born.

With Adam's participation in the Fellows Program, "Ordinary Days" world premiered at the Pennsylvania Centre Stage in 2008, and made its New York debut in 2009 at the Roundabout Theater. Since then, it has made its way throughout the eastern US, and the U.K., making its west coast premiere in January 2010 at South Coast Repertory.

Adam Gwon (image courtesy of Univ. of Oklahoma, Musical Theater Dept.)

(image link)

The story of "Ordinary Days" follows the lives of four New Yorkers trying to find their own paths and "life stories". The stories of each of the characters and their relationships are done without any real spoken dialogue, but sung throughout the show, in a musical style known as a song cycle. As in most musicals, characters begin to sing their inner most thoughts or have their most important conversations sung vs. spoken, especially when just mere "talking" won't work anymore!

Over the course of the next few weeks, we'll be introducing the cast and crew of our production of "Ordinary Days", and previewing some other cool stuff from the show. But today, we'd like to leave you with a little preview link to one of the songs from the show, sung by actors Jared Gertner and Kate Wetherhead from the New York production. One of MY favorite songs from the show, "Beautiful".

"Beautiful" - Ordinary Days

By Adam Gwon

Sung by Jared Gertner and Kate Wetherhead

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Happy Spring Equinox everyone! Check back soon for more updates!

Mike (& Helen)

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