Monday, October 26, 2009


Now that the show is over, Claire (the Intern) needs something to do.

And so the curtain falls on our beloved production of "Songs", and I have to say that it was quite a journey. What started off as a simple song that we were learning in our vocal lessons, became a true highlight in my life and also helped me honor my late grandmother. As equally important is the fact that we were able to work with some of our most talented friends. Anytime anyone ever asked me about what made this production the success that it was (even before we ever got to the theater) I would always reiterate the fact that we had such a wonderful team of people working along side us, and that they should receive all the credit. I definitely tip my hat to all of them for putting in all their time, talents and efforts in making a dream come true. You probably get less than a handful of awesome teams in your life, and this one definitely is on that mantle of one of the best. For those of you who were fortunate to come out and see our work, you saw the splendor, emotion, and talents of those that you DIDN'T see on stage, those who really helped make we four "actors" shine out there under the lights. And for that, I give them all my utmost gratitude, love, and respect for being a part of this journey. Thanks team, for making this souvenir one of the best I'll ever have of my life - without you guys, it would've all still just been a dream. Thanks for helping me fulfill my own personal tribute to my grandmother. I know that somewhere, she was watching, and was so very happy that we did such a fantastic job.

Okay, so now that the formalities are done, on with more stuff! First off, thanks to everyone who have been following this blog, for all your support and best wishes! I know that we were able to practically fill all the seats to all our performances because of the great feedback we were getting from all of you, especially after our opening weekend. Also, thank you to those who did come out and watch us do our thing! It was so much fun performing in front of everyone, and hopefully, you all got to see that in our work! We have so many stories to take away from this production, you wouldn't believe it! Here are some super short descriptions, sometimes cryptic, and even more so, some "insider" production stuff:

- Peter always turns his head to the side when he's listening intently.
- Randy needs to always check that his drawstrings are tied up tight enough.
- JRB is very popular amongst our musicians. Hugely.
- I need to learn my blocking. No, seriously. I do.
- Get an intern for any production you may be a part of. And then call them "Intern".
- Just to make things fun, have a Hollywood production come in in the middle of your production just so you can re-adjust your lights between shows.
- Hope that your theater is near a Starbucks.
- Set up, strike. Set-up again, Strike again, and then Set-up again. Then, strike for good.
- For added kicks, fund the entire thing yourself.
- Pray that people will come out and watch (thank god!)
- Wear striped underwear for good measure. I'm not saying who.
- Push around a 700lb lighting rig for an entire day and NOT be tired doing it.
- Practically put your entire life on hold for the entire production.

Most importantly, sit back, enjoy the process and the company you keep, and relish in your accomplishment :)

Great times everyone. Thanks for being a part of it. This is not to say that "Yes, and... Productions" is finished, but this particular chapter is done for now.

Enjoy the photos :)

For those of you who attended our shows, this is what we were doing while you were filling up the seats - WATCHING YOU via our stage/house feed in the green room. Look how focused everyone is.

Monsieur David Levray, one the best musicians and coolest guys you'll ever get to know!
Bravo mon amie!

Throughout the entire run, I always wanted to take this photo of the band, and I was finally able to on closing day. These guys really rocked it! Thanks everyone!

Our production crew (L to R) - Keiko, June, and Justin, up in the box making sure everything was perfect, and it was! Thanks you guys!

Here's Nathan with the only surviving page turner that made it through the run. The other three (which included our intern Claire) dropped out cause he was such a page-turning brute. This guy is tougher than he looks.

Claire and Mr. "T", our prop master.

If John Goodman had a brother who played wicked percussion, then it would be this guy, Glenn O., who is now pursuing a career in Japanese alcohol endorsements. (The bottle needs to be a bit more vertical Glenn. He'll get it.)

Helen, Peter, and Lisa.

We never have enough photos of Stefanie (Left) so I was finally able to grab one at our post show party, alongside Mike V. (middle), and Randy (right).
Thanks Stef, for all the hard work. You too Mike V.!

Directors want to direct, or is it that they want to sing? I'm not sure, cause Peter was singing up a storm at Oiwake's after our closing show.

What's a blog without Myra. Here she is with the Maracine brood (L - R), Sophia, Zachary, and the man who made it all happen, Dep. Sheriff, Peter Maracine! (Uh, Pete, me kissing Myra was all an act, and I'd still like to be able to drive in the O.C. without being stopped unexpectedly for nothing at all, okay? Thanks.)

Here we are (minus Stef, and Ivy - darn it!) The amazing cast and crew of "Songs For A New World" 2009. Thank you so much everyone :)
One of the best "moments" of our lives :)

We'll be back everyone... TRUST ME... Muwaaahhhh!!!!!

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