Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our All Star Team!

As of this writing, we are now just 14 days away from previews for "Ordinary Days", and what a journey it has been so far.

To begin, last Friday, some of the cast and crew were able to meet our show's composer, Adam Gwon down at South Coast Repertory. His current show, "Cloudlands" is playing down there, so our director Peter said that we may be able to catch him after the show. So we did!

We have to say Adam is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Very friendly and outgoing. It's so nice when you meet someone with such immense talent who is still grounded and personable. I say this living in an industry town where sometimes "stars" (and I use that loosely) think that the world owes them. (Yeah right). Nonetheless, Adam has our vote for being a really cool dude! Thanks for letting us take pictures with you Adam!

Adam Gwon (Center Between Peter (in blue) and me (with jacket).

Getting closer to opening, it is now our pleasure to introduce to you the rest of our creative team. The unsung heroes that literally make the show what it is through their talents and creativity. 

Drum roll please!...

Stefanie Wong Lau - Marketing/ Assoc. Producer. This is Stef's second go-around with Yes, And... Productions, and we are so grateful to have her with us! She's helping with getting the word out on the show, and with ticket sales. Yay for Stef.

Sandy Fury - Stage Manager. She's Peter's right-hand person, and essentially a second lieutenant. Without her we'd be rehearsing without breaks, and not knowing where our blocking is. 

Nicholas Pilapil - Production Director. Nicholas helps Helen and myself with all the production stuff - logistics, inquiries, etc. Without him, life would be a whole lot more difficult.

Christopher Singleton - Lighting Designer. Chris is a lighting Ninja MASTER. So much so, his e-mail address starts off with "ninja lighting". He's so good at what he does! He can make a blank, black box look magical with his lighting expertise. 

Chika Shimizu - Set Design. You've seen Chika here on the blog earlier with her model mock-up of the set. She's so awesome! I seriously can't wait to see her set built up to its fullest. 

Rachel Stivers - Costume Design. Ah, costume design. Rachel is the person who will make us look like a million bucks come curtain time. Her designs are so good, that I'm keeping my stuff once the show is done. 

Arturo Bentanzos - Property Master. Art is taking care of all the details from the libretto/script, making sure we have all the necessary props to make this New York "real". It ain't easy, but Art is pro at getting things when and where needed. 

Mark Johnson - Sound Design. A later addition to the team, but glad to have him and his assistants on board to help bring the sounds of New York to life, as well as our voices! Big job, and we're looking forward to "hearing" from him. Ha!

And there you have it. The team. I may be forgetting someone, and if I have, my apologies. So many terrific people go into making a production come to life, and we're so lucky to have them on board. Without them, none of this would happen :)

Also, now that we're getting closer to opening, don't forget to buy your tickets to see it all come to life. Click on our Brown Paper Tickets link to get info and reserve your seats. We anticipate sell out shows, so get yours today (and soon!).

And now, more rehearsal photos! Enjoy!

Another one with Adam. With Peter and Lisa. 

Thanks for stopping by everyone. And don'e forget to buy your tickets now :) 

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  1. I have this friend. He's won a Tony and we're both from Yuma, AZ.

    His name is Scott Pask.

    He did this musical called Promises, Promises and the backdrop for that musical is New York City.

    Here is a link to what he did for the show.

    Corbusier rocks!