Friday, May 11, 2012

A Note from Peter Kuo, our Director of Ordinary Days

I was first introduced to Ordinary Days when I started working at South Coast Repertory in November 2009. It was my first show at the theatre and I remember listening to the music and laughing and falling in love with it right away. But I didn't want to immediately share that love. I was protective of it, in the way one is protective of finding money on the street. You are afraid someone else will see it and claim it as theirs. At the same time, I knew this show was too beautiful to keep as a secret.

Just months beforehand, I had completed a run of Songs for a New World that I directed for Yes, And ... Productions, and I felt this show might appeal to its producers, Helen Ota and Mike Palma. I was right. After seeing it they called me right away praising the production, declaring their desire to produce it, and asking for information about the rights. -- My worst nightmare had come true. Someone else in my circle had discovered the gloriousness of Ordinary Days and Adam Gwon. And they hadn’t even discovered it on their own, I introduced it to them!

Now, more than two years later, that discussion has come to fruition. We're producing Ordinary Days and I'm directing it. And I don’t regret inviting Helen and Mike to see it. I'm excited about this production for two reasons. One, I just love this show. The SCR production was fantastic. It had big budgets, amazing talent and supportive audiences, but I always had a different vision of the show. To me, what Ordinary Days really focuses on is allowing the simple moments in life to be beautiful. A memory. A look. A word. These intimate moments are what make life worth living, and by putting the show in an intimate theatre, it’ll be hard not to really feel and appreciate them.

The second reason I'm excited about this production is that I love Adam Gwon's work. He has a brilliant mind and he is going to rise up to become one of America's greatest composers. And though he's growing in popularity, his work is still relatively new, so to be one of the first few hundred or so directors to bring his work to life is exciting. His humor and heart drip from the story while his music easily carries you away to emotionally beautiful places. And even in a piece that celebrates simple moments, there is complexity in the music, text and characters that still makes working with the show a challenge.

I hope you will join us for this production. I'm certain this production will make your "Ordinary Days" a little more extraordinary.

Peter J. Kuo

Me and Adam Gwon, Composer, "Ordinary Days"

Note from our Producers:

Now that we're getting closer to opening night, tickets are selling, and FAST! If you'd like to purchase tickets to our production of Ordinary Days, please visit our Brown Paper Tickets link for more information. Some dates are filling up, so please check there sooner than later :) Thanks!

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