Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Help bring New York to life!

Hi everyone!!!

Well, we had our first designers production meeting last night, at the ever so popular Oiwake in Little Tokyo, bringing together an insanely talented group of people once again. Some new, and others veterans from our last production, but nonetheless, the talent that everyone brings to this project is seriously going to make Ordinary Days rock!!!

For those of you unfamiliar with designers meetings, especially the first one, it's where the production staff (set design, costume, lighting, audio, etc.) all meet for the first time to present and share with everyone their ideas (designs) for the show. Last night, we were able to hear from our designers about their WILDLY exciting ideas for each of their respective duties. In a nutshell, everything looked and sounded insanely creative and amazing! No kidding!

Chika S., our set designer presented to everyone her set design using a model mock up of the entire space, along with miniature furniture of what it will look like. Here's a photo of one of the scenes from the show:

This set design is still a model in progress, but gives us an idea of what this scene will look like once completed. Thanks to Chika for letting us share this :)

Here she is presenting her set ideas to us.

How the actors are going to look on stage is the duty of our wonderfully stylish costume designer, Rachel. She came in prepared to share with us her costume ideas, and we have to say that our actors are going to look really GOOD! Here she is with some of her renderings:

So, now that we're getting closer and closer to opening night, we still need your help! As of this writing (4/11/12, 10:50am PST) we still have 27 hours to go till our Kickstarter campaign ends. After last night's meeting, we have found that we could still use any and all support towards bringing our designers' visions to life, and you can help us by spreading the word, or by donating. So please help us bring these amazing designs to life!

We'll be bringing you more updates through out the day and weeks ahead, so keep on coming back! Until then, please share our links :)

Thanks again everyone, and here's a parting shot of all of our wonderful production staff/designers:

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