Wednesday, August 26, 2009


As the subject heading reads, Yes, and... Productions is now in full swing with our production of Jason Robert Brown's "Songs For A New World", which opens October 16, for a limited, 2 week run at the Japanese American National Museum's National Center For the Preservation of Democracy in Little Tokyo (whew, that's a long title!). We are so proud and honored to have such a fantastic cast and crew working with us on this exciting project! Please come back to this blog post as we will be posting ticket info, behind the scenes photos, etc. all in preparation towards our opening and 2 week run! We are so excited!

We'll be updating this post regularly, so come back and see what's going on! Until then, here's a photo of our merry band of "New World-ers"!

The hand gesture we're all doing comes from our director Peter Kuo, (center), it's his "This is what I truly mean" hand signal. (Photo courtesy of M Palma Photography)


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